BSB Architects & Planners Inc.

Company Address:
1601 West Lakes Parkway, Ste.
West Des Moines, IA 50266, USA
Main Phone: 1-800-583-0379
Main Fax: 360-697-3744
Main E-mail:
Toll-free Phone: 1-800-583-0379
Business: BSB Architects & Planners, Inc.
Number of Employees: 170

Company Overview:

Bloodgood Sharp Buster Architects & Planners, Inc., (BSB) is well-known throughout the architectural community. This innovative company has helped recreate housing industry standards by focusing on individual market needs, strengths and opportunitiesórather than offering cookie-cutter approaches.
With offices in Des Moines, Tampa, El Dorado Hills, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, Newport Beach, Jacksonville, and Orlando the firm specialize in designing unique residential housing and communities in all price ranges and styles for clients throughout the United States and abroad. BSB brings to projects a strong reputation for client service, innovative solutions and an unequaled understanding of planned communitiesófrom architectural design and planning, to community identity packages and rendering services.


Bloodgood Sharp Buster was founded as a firm that specializes in the planning and design of residential housing and communities. Over the years we have developed a successful track record in a wide variety of product types and services surrounding the design and development of residential communities. Here are some of the areas of expertise BSB offers:

Single Family Production
Single Family Custom
Small Lot Housing
Multi-Family For Sale
Seniors/Assisted Living
Community Planning
Resort Communities
Neotraditional Communities
Community Standards and Guidelines
Color Selection


Competitive benefits package.