Company Address:
1420 Fifth Avenue
Suite 2400
Seattle, WA 98101, USA
Main Phone: 206.623.4646
Main Fax: 206.623.4625
Main E-mail:
Business: Callison Architecture, Inc.
Number of Employees: 483

Company Overview:

One of the most valued aspects of Callison’s service is the business knowledge we bring to project development.

Add our design creativity and cross-industry insight to the package, and you begin to see the substance behind our reputation for excellence in commercial and mixed-use project design—as well as our current ranking as the world’s top retail architect.

Because our work is grounded in an understanding of market dynamics, we are often able to help companies determine what to build, not just how to design it.

As a result, the places Callison designs attract the business, people and activity that lead to sustained performance