City of Citrus Heights

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6237 Fountain Square Drive
Citrus Heights, CA 95621, USA
Main Phone: 916-725-2448
Main Fax: 916-725-5799
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Business: City of Citrus Heights
Job Phone: 916-727-4900
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Number of Employees: 180

Company Overview:

Fifteen miles northeast of California's capital, the plains of the Sacramento Valley begin their gradual rolling ascent to the Sierra Nevada foothills. For 19th -century pioneers, the sight of the gently folded landscape meant they had arrived at the promised land. The transcontinental railroad and the Lincoln Highway later brought new waves of travelers through our area. Today, Interstate 80 - the main transcontinental highway connecting New York and San Francisco - serves businesses and the 89,000 residents who call Citrus Heights home.

Remaining predominantly rural through the 1960s, Citrus Heights began its emergence as a regionally important retail destination in the 1970s with the opening of the Sunrise Mall and Birdcage Walk shopping centers. The seismic stability of Citrus Heights, distinguishing it from much of coastal California, undoubtedly contributed to its growth and maturation. After existence as an unincorporated area of northeastern Sacramento County for nearly 100 years, Citrus Heights became an independent city offering local municipal services in January 1997. Unchanged, however, is our traditional Citrus Heights hospitality. We enthusiastically welcome you.


As a newly incorporated city, we are proud to be working together to improve the community of Citrus Heights. As job openings occur, we seek talented, friendly and highly motivated employees to join our team.


Compensation for city employees is based upon a philosophy of recruiting a small, highly qualified staff, providing competitive compensation, and expecting a high level of work performance. The City Council has established a compensation policy that supports and recognizes innovation and exceptional performance. It is the City Council's policy that compensation is based on performance, therefore, individual compensation adjustments are not automatic, step-oriented or based on cost-of-living adjustments.

The city's practice is to provide a mix of base salary, additional cash and benefits that is generally competitive with the labor market. When evaluating benefits, the city will consider both the cost and the content of the benefits.